2-Step Sheer Coverage in 2022 | Sheer to Full Coverage Foundation

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you guys I’m kind of freaking out I cannot believe how beautiful this formula is welcome back to another episode of life from la it’s Nikki I’m Nikki dress artist in residence with bobby brown and this month.

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I’m going to show you easy sheer skin in two steps I wanted to show you just how easy it is to create a beautiful sheer complexion with just two products so I have the vitamin-enriched face base and the new skin full-cover concealer can’t wait to show you this.

Sheer Coverage

I am going to start with my tried and tested vitamin-rich face base it is a primer and moisturizer in one I like to put it on my fingertips and warm it up in between my hands and then I’m just simply applying it to my skin.

I have to say honestly this is probably my most requested moisturizer when I’m working with my clients not only for all of the skincare¬†benefits but also for the way that it smells and the way that it feels as I’ve always said my complexion success starts with skincare.

so you want to make sure the skin is prepped hydrated plumped and nourished and then everything that you do over the top will be so easy and effortless so you can see how nourished and hydrated and smooth my skin looks so now we’re ready for our complexion product so this is the new skin full cover concealer I’m obsessed with Sheer Coverage.

let’s take a moment to check out the applicator it has a nice scooped doe foot with a precision point on the end so it gives you the perfect amount of product with every application an important thing to note is you definitely with this type of technique want to make sure that the concealer is a nice perfect match to your skin tone.

because I’m essentially going to use this to brighten my under eye but also take away any imperfections on my skin I am wearing the shade of ivory and this is a full-coverage concealer so a little bit goes a long way you have your
options with tools I’m going to start with my fingertip just so you can see how easy this application is what I love about this is you get the full Sheer Coverage.

but it also really looks like skin once it’s blended in so you can’t detect it dries down really nice so I’m covered but I’m comfortable and it’s 16-hour wear I’m going to continue on with my complexion and I’m just going to put this in areas that I want to get a little bit more coverage.

Sheer Coverage

so with Sheer Coverage, my cheeks are usually my problem area I have some discoloration from sunspots so I want to brighten that I usually like to brighten here around the nose so essentially this is going to be my replacement for my foundation today so I’m actually going to use a sponge.

I wanted to show you another option for a tool my rule of thumb for whatever type of equipment you want to use to blend is that you’re pressing and tapping our never swipe I’m kind of freaking out I cannot believe how beautiful this
the formula is looking at the side of my complexion compared to without it’s brighter it’s smoother

but I have to tell you it is so weightless it does not feel like I’m wearing any makeup and that was so easy to blend in so I’m just going to continue on on the other side so you guys can see how simple this is just tapping that is alright so that’s it you guys you can see how simple and easy it was to get this beautiful sheer complexion with just two products but

I can’t leave you hanging I have to finish my makeup and let’s do this, okay so here it is my easy sheer skin in just two steps so you can see how easy that was and how my products really performed and gave me the look that I wanted with the minimal effort which I love my makeup today definitely feels like my classic t-shirt and jeans just like my outfit.

so I have on a white knit button-down my favorite pair of jeans little kitten heels and then kind of a sheer sunglass and gold necklace to accessorize this classic look and classic makeup great for every day.

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