Makeup Brushes and Their Uses – Types Of Makeup Brushes in 2022

I want to confess to you guys something I don’t like washing my makeup brushes there you go I said it that’s makeup police they’re coming for me one of the biggest crimes you can commit in the makeup world is not washing your brushes

so don’t be a criminal otherwise, you will be put in a makeup prison with patchy eyeshadows and crusty liquid lipstick I didn’t say that I don’t wash them I say that I don’t like washing them there is a difference I want to show you guys how

I created this makeup look using only one Makeup Brush let’s make a statue of this brush because it’s amazing you want a brush that is flat but also thick it’s that thickness that will help you blend your eyeshadows with Makeup Brushes.

Uses of Makeup Brushes:

first, we’re going to start with this nice chocolate color over here look how beautiful it is as you can tell I’m taking it on the flat side of this Makeup Brushes this is very important and then you can start patting it on your eyelid but but
but okay you want to have something like this don’t worry if it doesn’t look good.

Makeup Brushes

it’s not supposed to look good yet and that’s it this is how you apply your eyeshadows using one Makeup Brushes only in a parallel universe this probably looks really good but in our universe this makes me wanna scream okay my friends hear me out this next step is crucial you don’t want to skip it will literally take you 10 seconds Makeup Brushes to come back here

I’m getting better at catching stuff two seconds later I’m gonna take a napkin and I’m gonna start wrapping my brush on that napkin and I’m doing this to clean my brush from that dark brown eyeshadow because I don’t want to work with it anymore

I don’t need it anymore that’s dark brown eyeshadow we’re breaking up bye-bye and yeah this was a very useful
trick but this next one is even more useful and important than this is my eyeshadow palette again the color pop roaring hearts eyeshadow palette and I’m going to take some of this shade over here this nice beige the color you can see that it’s way lighter than that brown shade and this is exactly what

I need it for my blending session that’s coming up next I’m taking this eyeshadow but just on the tip of my brush
I had that dark brown eyeshadow on the flat side of the brush but now with this lighter shade you can see that it’s on
the tip of my brush the placement is important you gotta be stretched strategically so

I’m gonna just place the tip of my Makeup Brushes that is loaded with that lighter shade right on the edge of that brown eyeshadow see just right here and I’m gonna start going left and right and the thicker your brush is the easier it will be to diffuse any harsh lines.

use it as a blending brush and of course, having a lighter shade on your brush will definitely help with the blending as well so make sure that you get something a little lighter on your brush and blend blend blend blend blend and see before and after what now I’m getting some glitter glue on my brush and I’m just gonna gently pat it on my eyelid

this will make my shimmers look like you don’t want to swipe or drag you want to just pat it on your eyelid don’t worry this won’t make your eyelids sticky I mean it will but it will dry out pretty quickly it’s just there to grab the shimmers or glitters or whatever you’re applying on your eyelid now you can use the brush to apply your shimmers however

if you want to get the best out of your shimmers use your fingers check this out whenever you can apply
your shimmers with your fingers there is no better way to apply them than there is something that I did on this side that made it look so bright and sparkly that I haven’t done on this one can you tell the difference look how much brighter this one is where this one is it’s still bright but it’s not that popping check this one out

so what I did is I took some glitter glue and I only applied it in the center of my eye then on top of it I added
some of this eyeshadow from the palette and check it out it’s so pretty here is why I don’t recommend you apply your shimmery eyeshadows with a brush so

I have some glitter glue on my hand this is how the eyeshadows look when you apply them with your finger check it out pretty amazing but then if you take your brush and you take some of that eyeshadow even if I pat it

I’m still not getting the same amount of eyeshadow yeah that’s a disappointment over there look at that fingers guys
fingers always always always use your fingers with shimmery with matte with foil eyeshadows oh and glitter glue don’t even get me started on glitter glue is shimmery eyeshadow best friend and their favorite hangout
the spot is on my eyelids this is such a gorgeous look it’s soft it’s light it’s wearable you can definitely stop here coat your lashes with some mascara and you’re good to go however it seems like my breaks were not working

Makeup Brushes

because I just kept on going with winged eyeliner yeah I love winged eyeliner maybe a little too much okay we now know who is shimmery’s best friend but do we know who is eyeliner’s best friend, no ah let me tell you false lashes

I’m gonna go ahead and glue them on these are the house of lashes’ iconic here is a challenging part when it comes to the one-brush makeup look what do you do for the lower lashes obviously you need something a little more precise
well you make it precise look at this I have a thick brush boom I have a thin brush and you can use that brush to smudge the eyeshadows under your eyes to complete the look listen I’m not gonna lie to you guys

it’s not ideal but I’m trying to do my Makeup Brushes today without having to wash 35 Makeup Brushes after I’m done I’m switching between pinching the Makeup Brushes and not pinching the brush whatever kind of feels good I’m also adding a little bit of a darker shade in that outer corner.

I’m going to show you guys one more trick this is for the times when you don’t have glitter glue but want to
make your shimmers look as bright as possible take some setting spray or water whatever you have spray your Makeup Brushes with it grab some of those shimmers on your Makeup Brushes I’m gonna apply that in the tear duct and if this is not proof that you can use one brush in so many different ways

I don’t know what is you don’t realize how many random things you can use to apply your makeup until you wash your brushes and you can’t do your makeup with them because now they’re wet so what do we work with whatever we have oh look tablecloth wonder if that can blend my eyeshadows with Makeup Brushes.