Pigmentation and Dark Circles Makeup in 2022

today I’m doing How to Cover Dark Circles and Pigmentation I wanted to do a back-to-basics kind of tutorial but before I start with makeup trolls I wanted to do the issues that I have so one of the things

I wanted to do is talk about my dark circles and my pigmentation how you can cover them up how you can correct it and it’s very very easy it’s not hard at all is this one extra step but it makes such a huge difference so yeah I’m gonna
show you guys bat how I do it on my skin is tan so we’ll be telling you guys.


before I just actually decreased the lighting so you guys can see my pigmentation properly if you can see I have a lot like my forehead is a lot doctor if you guys can see I have like pigmentation right here I have really crazy dark circles which are horrible

because I have deep-set eyes so it just makes you look worse and I love correcting it rather than having some ashen asleep in through the foundation or concealer I’m gonna show you guys how we do today and this is my face I just want to show you guys.

Dark Circles and Pigmentation Makeup:

I have some pigmentation right here where the contour goes is some pigmentation here on the forehead and a lot of dark sirs alright so firstly what you need in this job is your regular foundation and your regular concealer but you will need something called a corrector.

so if you are fair to medium skin tones you can use a light peach corrector which I don’t have I’m sorry in front of me If you’re medium to 10:00 skin tones then you can use a peach corrector this is one from Bobbi Brown.

I’m sure you guys watch in the back of my hand that is a peach corrector if you are around tan skin tones and if you do have not – like the dark pigmentation then you can use a dark peach corrector again this is from Bobbi Brown these are very creamy.

I’m gonna have it right next to each other shake as you can see this is the peach and dark peach there is also a white peach corrector and if you are tan to deeper skin tones and you have really bad pigmentation then you can use an orange corrector and this is from math

I have it right here this isn’t a pro palette but you can get in any sort of palette if you have super deep pigmentation then you can also use a red character or you can use your red lipstick to do usually

How to Cover it in 2022:

I can use a dark peach and orange corrector either of them I don’t need a red one because that is excessive for me
while a peach color to a light peach corrector is too light for me and it does not correct anything so wherever I have like less pigmentation I use the dark peach corrector even like on my eyes right here

I use a dark peach just here where that if you can see that line that is excessive that’s where I use orange and around my forehead is where I use an orange corrector so it all depends on the low pigmentation you have usually you just need one.

but because I have these two I do use them today I’m going to only show you guys the orange so you guys can see how it works for Indian skin tones usually an orange corrector is perfect if you’re on my skin tone which is an NC 43 plus

if you are an NC 42 or anti 40 then I would suggest you go for a dark peach corrector you don’t need that so much
orange in there alright guys so what I’m gonna do is take that orange corrector on this too for a pro airbrush and we’re gonna go ahead and start applying it to where I think I have the most pigmentation around the sides of my forehead if you guys can see I’m taking my time with this.


I’m actually buffing it in rather than taking a lot of product I’m actually taking a little bit of product and making sure it’s all buffed in on my forehead this will make sure it is not mixing in with your foundation which is really important

because otherwise, your foundation would look a little bit red or orange so I’m just gonna go ahead and buff this all over my forehead which is the major problem I have, and then we’re gonna do my deep set so that line for my deep-set eyes

As I showed you before is the darkest and also that inner corner so that will really help with the deep set and the pigmentation and also around my cat’s eye pigmentation I think that’s what they’re called around my lips

I also have a little bit of pigmentation so I’m just using a light hand there and then around my contour area honestly I don’t do this all the time because I do contour with the cool tone shade but sometimes I will that’s how it looks

I forgot to do my lids which I also like to cover up if I’m using a corrector before I go in with my concealer next we’re gonna use the hood a beautiful filter foundation in¬† 410 G and I’m gonna take a beauty blender dan beauty burner and just buff this

I’ve left us in real speed so you guys can see before I speed it up how it is beautifully covering everything and it’s making sure everything is one shade so I’m gonna show you guys the whole face I did put on 2x but you guys can see how it’s just beautifully covering everything making sure everything is in one skin tone and

I’m just gonna take around one pump of this and it was able to cover my entire face look pouncing action going on there down the neck of course you always want to bring your foundation down the neck and then the years

if your hair is up next use the NARS radiant creamy concealer in biscuit this is one shade lighter than me I’m gonna go ahead and conceal or apply the concealer inner corner again in a v-shape under my eyes and then around my lids

because I like to use it as a primer and it covers up that darkness that’s why I also did go in with the corrector before highlighting in the middle of my forehead down the nose and also my chin then I’m just gonna blend that out this gives a little bit of depth in the face

I have light in the face and also blend out my concealer as you would do normally taking it takes a little bit of time this is fast forwarded then I’m gonna go ahead and bake I do like baking it just helps with my fine lines and it makes the concealer looks beautiful looking for me

so I do bake and then just apply a little bit of powder on the lids next using our glass dim light I’m just gonna go ahead and set the rest of the face beautifully and we are done with the base alright guys I’m back again this is very this is our dark lighting so this is not at my actual face

but I want to show you get the pigmentation shows guys the difference in the contrast in my skin that’s why I’m using kind of dark lighting today I’m gonna show you guys my normal lighting in just a second but I want to show you guys how it looks uniform how my forehead and how my face is matching especially like.

if you have dark circles and you put on concealer they can see that gray cast or that ashiness under the eye the dark circles completely don’t go and it looks like a mess try this trick for any pigmentation you have and it’ll just
even out everything, you’ll give yourself a very professional look it’s actually really easy.

I’m depending on your skin too and as I said this is a peach this is a dark peach and this is an orange you can go up to a piece of bread but I would suggest going according to your skin tone

if you’re an NC 42 dark peach will do but if you have severe pigmentation your round if you have really dark circles and orange is perfect also another great advantage of using this color why should you get today is because usually you might have orange or red lipstick and you can try this at home with that if you don’t want to spend right

now just go pick up your orange the red lipstick you have and try this my only number one tip apart from that would be always wear that brush buff it in doesn’t go Instagram style don’t just you know put it on and then
go in with the foundation and make sure your corrector is buffed in really really nicely

before you go in with your foundation concealer otherwise they’ll merge and red and foundation just don’t
go together your foundation color will be different so let me show you guys how I actually look and not this contrast
lighting but this is my natural lighting and if you guys can see everything is great the under eyes slightly highlighted

but you can’t see the darkness seeping through which I absolutely love and I love doing this step especially if I like have any vents or something like that so yeah I definitely, buff that in some people also apply a powder so what they will do is apply the concealer that’s our a corrector powder it and then go in with foundation I personally don’t do that

because I have dry patches so if you have dry patches I wouldn’t advise that just let it sit for two minutes properly
buff it in with your Beauty Blender or brush and then go into a foundation it wouldn’t be a problem so yeah um let me go ahead and put on the rest of my makeup alright guys

so that’s it for the dark circles and pigmentation how to cover them up with a corrector really a really simple step and I hope you guys enjoy this video if you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comment section below