Unique Makeup Tips of 2022 | five-minute makeup tutorial

In Unique Makeup Tips I’m gonna show you a super quick five-minute makeup tutorial, this post has many Unique Makeup Tips. I’m going to play mainly with drugstore makeup only I wanted to keep a little bit more on the affordable side, and definitely let me know.

Unique Makeup Tips 2022:

if you guys want me to do a full face of drugstore Unique Makeup Tips as well I found so many makeups products which are drugstore that I really like so I can definitely do a video dedicated to that so the first thing I did was use some eyeshadow primer um I always use the mac one.

I haven’t found a drugstore one yet that I really like but if you know an eyeshadow primer that is from the drugstore which you personally really like definitely let me know so I can try it out now I’m applying some eyeshadow guards um I sell these on my website attitude.

Unique Makeup Tips

shop these are really nice they pick up fallout and you can use them as a guideline for your winged liner now the palette I’m using today is by essence is this palette I saw it a few days ago in the drugstore so I felt like oh my god let me just use it for one of my five-minute tutorials it has a lot of like soft colors.

in Unique Makeup Tips Some really beautiful shimmery colors in it as well so I wanted to use it for today and I started with the light brownish color I’m gonna start using that all over in the crease going from the inner corner to the outer the corner just to warm up the whole crease.

I take a really big fluffy blending brush the one I used is the e40 and now I’m taking my finger to apply this really soft pink color you can also use a brush but I’ve said this a few times before in my posts I feel like using your finger with a shimmery color. it is a big Unique Makeup Tips.

it just gives more color payoff on the eyelids so definitely use your finger if you have problems like not getting a lot of color payoff which are eyeshadows so then I went in with the Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner.

Unique Makeup Tips

I took an angled brow brush from sigma beauty this is actually my favorite brush to apply gel eyeliner I started by creating a simple line above the lash line this is always what I do before I create a winged liner um

I really focus to like get a straight line as possible above the lash line and then when everything is looking good then I focus on the winged liner now you can use the eyeshadow guard as a guideline for your winged liner um this is gonna leave you with a sharp edge as you can see right now you can leave the eyeshadow guard on or you can remove it

if you don’t have any eye shadow guards you can also use some normal sticky tape this will do the job as well then I went in with the darkest brown color which comes in the palette by essence and I’m going to take a really tiny brush from save.

I’m going to smudge this eyeshadow right above where I just applied the gel eyeliner so I’m really like smudging it on top of the gel eyeliner and a little the bit above it and then I went in with this concealer from barium cosmetics

I’m going to use it right underneath the winged liner to clean it up and make the line a little bit sharp with no eye shadow underneath then I’m taking this pencil from l’oreal and this is actually such a beautiful color it kind of reminds me of a pencil that I used to use from urban decay which is called lucky but this one is obviously a lot more affordable and Unique Makeup Tips.

I really love the copper brown shade when it comes to eye paints for the woodline those kinds of shades are my favorite to use and I love that it’s a drugstore then now I quickly curled my lashes and for my mascara. it is Unique Makeup Tips.

I’m gonna use this one by Rimmel London it’s called the wonder lube folio mascara it’s actually really nice it definitely gives a lot of volumes but I didn’t want to apply too much on my upper lashes because I am going in with
fake lashes and sometimes when.

I apply too much mascara my lashes get in the way and its kind of harder to apply the fake lashes but for the lower lashes I really liked it makes my lashes really long and super black so so far I really like the mascara and for my fake lashes, the best point of Unique Makeup Tips.

I’m going to use lashes from my own lash company I’ll be using this style impishly I will put a link down in the description bar together with a discount code so if you want to try out any of my lashes I have a special code for you
guys and then this is the end result.

I really hope you all enjoyed this video I know it’s super quick but I just hope this will give you some inspiration you can wear to a party or to your work for valentine’s day I think it will work for any occasion. I think you like our post on Unique Makeup Tips.