Classic Black Smokey Eyes 5 Minuts Tutorial 2022

Classic Black Smokey Eyes contains a very powerful tutorial. hey guys welcome to my website as promised today I’m going to show you a classic black smokey eye tutorial for beginners

so I’m going to show you the easiest way to create the Classic Black Smokey Eyes the first thing I’m going to do is prime my eyelids and what this does.

Classic Black Smokey Eyes in 2022:

it removes the redness from the eyelid it will leave me with a really nice blank space so that we can create an eyeshadow you don’t want to see any redness veins you want a clear base for your eyeshadow and it’s also going to make sure that your eyeshadow is going to stay flawless all day so that’s a good beginning of Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

Classic Black Smokey Eyes

I’m going to use the essential palette and this one is by sigma beauty in collaboration with Stephanie.

Now I’m going to start with this light color which is a matte white color and the reason why I’m using this for underneath the brow bone is that this is going to create kind of like a transition from dark to light towards the eyebrow at this moment it might look like why are you doing this Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

but I will get back to you guys about this later in the article so you guys will see what it does so now I’m going in with gel eyeliner and I’m using a tiny synthetic brush from sigma beauty which is included in the brush kit that I created together with them Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

I will link it down in the description bar in case you want to check it out but it’s kind of like a tiny blending brush and I’m just gonna press the eyeliner on top of the eyelid the reason why I’m using eyeliner is that it’s gonna leave kind of like a base for our smokey eyes by using gel eyeliner underneath your black eyeshadow it’s gonna make the eyeshadow look even black you Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

it’s gonna be really hard to get the same effect using only black eyeshadow of course you can do that but it will not get as black as the end result that we’re gonna create today and it I think it’s also not gonna be as long-wearing

because the cream products for Classic Black Smokey Eyes you’re using underneath your eyeshadow are kind of going to intensify but also the eyeshadow is gonna lock into the cream product which is gonna make it really long to wear it’s kind of hard to explain.

but it’s just gonna intensify the long wearing and the color as well so once you apply it you kind of wanna make sure that you kind of blend around the edges right now you can clearly see where the edges are so I’m kind of just continuing to do what I’m doing kind of sweeping with a brush for Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

Classic Black Smokey Eyes

I switched to a clean brush which is the sigma e25 brush I’m kind of making circular motions around the edges
until I’m satisfied with how everything is looking I just continue to blend um you can always go back in with more gel eyeliner

if you want to but I’m going in with the black eyeshadow from the sigma palette and I’m going to use the same brush I used which is the sigma e25 and kind of packing this on the eyelids

now I want the focus to be like on the center of the eyelid well not really the center but like the whole eyeball eyelid

I don’t know how you explained it and then around the edges again I’m going to blend and you can go back in with more eyeshadow if you want it to be even black you can go as dark as you want

but now for the next step, I’m going in with this eyeliner from barium cosmetics and I’m going to use this for in the waterline I mean we’re doing a smoky eye so I definitely want to use some black for the waterline

I want this look to be as black and smoky as possible then I’m going back in with the color rocker and I’m going to use this for underneath the lower lash line as well

I’m just going to sweep my brush back and forth and if you want you can also, use a little bit of gel eyeliner underneath for Classic Black Smokey Eyes.

the lower lash line to make it super black as well um I don’t think I’ve done that even though it kind of looked like I did but I didn’t include it in the video so I don’t think I did so but you can definitely

or you can go in with the pencil you use in one line drag it a bit lower and then use black eyeshadow you can do that as well so now I’m going to go in with some eyeliner and you might be thinking why are you doing this

because you can not even see it but it will still make a difference um because I’m going in with fake lashes but I will get back to you guys later about that as well so

now I’m going in with some mascara and remember I use that light shade underneath the brow at the beginning now you can see why I did that because you can still see that lightness underneath the brow which creates a really nice transition

Classic Black Smokey Eyes

so that’s the reason I use the light so now for my lashes I’m going to use lashes from my own lash company and these are any chewed sultry lashes the reason why I used a little line of eyeliner above the lash line is that I kind of wanted the lash band

to disappear in the line of gel eyeliner or liquid liner I use a liquid liner so it might look like it doesn’t really make a difference but I personally think it does

so yeah I hope this post was helpful if you have any more questions definitely let me know in the comments I have a few more posts where I show Classic Black Smokey Eyes.