Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Eyeshadow in 2022

Eye Makeup today I’m gonna show you guys how to create a basic eye makeup look and share some of my favorite tips and tricks I’ve already prepped the lid with a little bit of eyeshadow primer but you can use foundation concealer whatever works I’ve also left my lid slightly tacky this will grab hold of the eyeshadow but for beginners Eye Makeup.

I would recommend setting it with a little bit of powder this will give you an easier blend I often get asked about the parts of the eye I’m probably the main part that you need to be aware of is the crease area this is basically where the lid creases into the eye shape

Eye Makeup Tutorial 2022:

it often refers to anything above this but below the brow bone try not to overcomplicate it so just make sure you’re paying close attention to your blend in the crease as long as you leave a gap underneath your brows, you’re good to go and the easiest way to create my eye makeup look is to use a shadow at least one shade lighter than your skin tone a mid-tone shade for Eye Makeup.

Eye Makeup

then a shadow at least one shade darker than your skin tone your mid-tone is actually the most important and it can be a little tricky to pick so I actually recommend using your favorite nude lipstick as a guide if it looks great on
your lips chances are it’ll work in your crease too

but just use a corresponding eye shadow to match it we’re gonna start off with our mid-tone so choose whatever works for you and we’re using a blending brush to start with this is anything with a fluffy finish we’re going to start this in the crease of the Eye Makeup.

so apply this from the outer corner working over a Mac above the lid making sure to leave a gap just underneath the brow bone also remember to keep your eyes open this will help you figure out the shape that you’re creating for hooded eyes this is a great way to camouflage any hooded Ness as almost contours the hooded Nyssa way

if you don’t know where to stop and start your eyeshadows use the brow edge of your eye and edge of your nose as a guide and blend in from this point as long as you’re blending in it will complement your eye shape and this area is where we’ve applied or mid-tone

we can now move on to contouring your contour shade is at least one shade darker than your skin tone but can be anywhere up to a black shade we’re going to apply it with that same brush and

keep this on the outer lid and into the deep part of the crease for a more precise application squash down your fluffy brush and get it deep in that crease, this will prevent you from bringing your contour up too high

which is a very beginner mistake to make once you’ve applied it in that area open up the brush and blend over and back remember to keep your brush high on the face this will make sure that your contour doesn’t blend too high and

they’ll keep it nice and low and deep in that crease the higher the hand the lower the blend and as you can see your contour ends up within the area that you’ve mid-tone your mid-tone is always the highest so make sure to keep that contour nice

and low now we’re going to take a flat brush this is anything with a smooth flat line and we’re gonna use this to apply our highlighter shade which is about one shade lighter than your skin tone you’re gonna apply this on the inner corner of the lid focusing really close to that inner edge.

Eye Makeup

then blending across the lid I like to do a sweeping down motion across the lid while the other eyeshadows have been blending up and over this will give you a cleaner finish you can also then take something with a little bit of shimmer

and just Pat this over the top of the lighter map shade and there you go that is the finished look super easy basic eye makeup look that you can then adapt to work for you to finish off in whatever way you want Eye Makeup.