How To Apply Lipstick in 2022 | Best Guide To Lipstick

I love good lipstick, you love a good lipstick, and we all love good lipstick! Good lipstick has the power and the ability to transform your entire look and feel. But you really need to know the right way to apply it. Many of y’all have sent me DMs and requests. So, here I am today to show y’all. There are many lipst… out there.

Lipstick Tutorail 2022:

There are creams, there are mattes, there are glosses. No matter the lipstick the application really remains the same.
So, let’s get into it. To get your lipstick to last longer it’s essential to really get a soft canvas to work with. So, exfoliating is a must-do.


You can use a toothbrush with Vaseline ’cause the internet says it’s a good thing and it’ll make your lips look plump. Just make sure not to go too harsh ’cause you don’t wanna like tear your skin ’cause then there will be no lips to apply, ya?

And then you can kind of like dab it off with a tissue. And there— Plump Lips! Once you’re done with the prepping,
comes the priming. You can use a lip primer or a lip conditioner.

This will help you really have a smoother surface to work with when the lipstick comes on. Plus, if you’re using matte lipstick using a lip primer will help it from becoming too dehydrated and cracking. MAC has this amazing lip conditioner.

I’m gonna use this. And done! Once your base is done, you need to use a lip liner. Now, many people ask ”What is a lip liner?” ”Do we really need it?” ”Why do we need it?” All of that.

You don’t really have to use a lip liner, but it is kind of essential because it helps you, it helps give your lips a more defined look. It also makes your lipstick stay in place, especially if you have a matte or gloss.

Today, I’m gonna show you how to use it. And once you’ve sharpened this like a Lil good girl, you are going to start at your cupid’s bow. You kind of trace the line of your lip. It really defines it and makes it protrude a little. Now, I’m gonna trace out the whole lip. I will look very scary after this.

I’m warning y’all! You kinda fill in the excess outside but don’t go in the center ’cause there will be lipstick. Now comes the lipstick! I’m choosing this Matte Ink Superstay by Maybelline because it’s amazing!

You can either apply lipstick with a lip brush or with the wand. I do both ’cause I’m awesome like that First I go ahead and apply it all over my lip with the brush, I kind of clean up or apply to the inner corners, like there.


So, I take a little product from the wand. It can even define your cupid’s bow. Tadaaa! See, no one’s a pro, okay?
Everyone messes up, everyone goofs up sometimes and if like we see there.

If you wanna clean that up, all you gotta do is take some concealer on a flat brush and clean. Easy strokes so that it doesn’t become too blotchy. And you’re done! We’re done with this post, I hope you liked it.

I love good makeup, you love a good lipstick, and we all love good lipstickStay tuned for our next post, it’s gonna be epic! Please, please continue to send us all your DMs and requests. And ya, I hope you learned something. Take some selfies, send them to us, and tag us. Aannnddd now I’m gonna go, bye!